About Us

Lisa Keet and Tracy Congdon started Wigs On Wheels in April 2005.  

Wigs On Wheels came about when Lisa's mum Carole was diagnosed with cancer. Carole had just had major surgery and was told she would lose her hair due to chemotherapy treatment. Carole wasn't in any fit state to travel to a wig shop, which for her meant a long uncomfortable trip into town and where parking was atrocious. It also caused another dilemma as the whole family couldn't make the trip into town due to the fact that it was going to end up taking a whole day, and that they weren't all going to fit in the shop. This was all added stress that Carole didn't need which caused Lisa to have her 'light bulb' moment. Lisa felt women in similar situations needed an alternative, simpler, solution available to them - one where they didn't have to go to any trouble at all and where they were in control on the hows and wherefores. Thus Wigs On Wheels was born. Wigs On Wheels' objective is to be a warm, friendly and discreet mobile wig service that comes to you. We want to make your wig experience easy and enjoyable. Wigs On Wheels' specialty is fitting women who require a wig for medical conditions such as alopecia, psoriasis, traumas, medications, chemotherapy, radiation, hair thinning, as well as those who require a wig for a special occasion or for fashion.

Wigs On Wheels now has other representatives throughout Australia (Sydney and the wider area, Wollongong, Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania). These representatives are caring women who wanted to make a difference and help the women in their community.

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