Here are some wigs from our wig range. We carry 3 different brands with synthetic wigs ranging from $220. Have a look at some of the wigs below and how natural they look. People won't know you are wearing a wig unless you tell them!

Bamboo Softie, Cotton Elasticated Scarf

Bamboo Beanie, Bamboo Multiwrap

Headwear by Jon Renau

Jazz, Alessandra back,  Petite Lily

Lily, Alessandra front, Jazz 

Chelsea, Katherine, Rosie

Wigs by Jon Renau

Emily, Zara, Elle

Julia, Scarlett, Bree

Linda, Gisele, Kristen

Wigs by Jon Renau

Hilary, Elite, Gwen

Ignite, Jessica, Naomi

Gaby, Heat, Amanda

Wigs by Jon Renau

Diane, Annette, Sappire

Mia, Jodie, Heidi

Alia, Shiloh, Dylan

Wigs by Jon Renau

Sheena, Amber, Natalie

Star, Bowie, Sabrina

Jenny, Courtney, Melanie

Wigs by Jon Renau


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