When you ring us to make an appointment we will ask you questions such as what length wig you are after eg above the collar, shoulder or bra length etc.  Whether you are after straight hair, wavy or curly. Whether you want layered hair, or all one length, and a rough idea of the colour you are after eg mid brown with blonde highlights.  A lot of women will send a photo of themselves with hair if they want something similar to what they had before.  You can also go through the wigs we have on this website (which is just a small sampling of our rather big collection) and make a note of some of the wig names and colours they like.  If you normally have long hair and want to try short then make sure you let us know when making the appointment as we  will only come with wigs fitting the description you have given us.  


We cater for all ages from children to great grandmas and with lots of different styles and colours. Each of our wig styles come in 30 different colours, including up to 10 shades of grey.  Wig prices start from $250. If you are in a health fund you may be able to claim some or all of the wig, but you will need to speak to your fund direct. We are an Australian health fund approved wig provider. Gold card Veteran Affairs ladies may also be entitled to a wig for free. Please contact us for more information as we can organise this direct for you. If you can claim for your wig through your health fund, they generally will require a letter from your doctor stating what the purpose of the wig is for eg chemo and you take that letter with our receipt to your health fund for a rebate.  

When we arrive for the appointment we are super-discreet and have no advertising on ourselves, or on our travel bag (which is the size of a bag you would take to the airport) that is full of wigs and headwear,  We bring a large selection of wigs to the appointment. The same amount as you would find in a wig shop in your style.

The appointment generally lasts about 1  1/2 to 2 hours. We do the fitting at your dining table or kitchen bench. We bring mirrors. If you normally wear make up when you go out, then you may want to put some on for the appointment as it will give you a more accurate idea of how you will look when you wear the wig.  We then start going through the wigs and trying them on you, explaining as we go the various features of each wig as well as the various features of the wig cap (what the fibre is sewn onto).  Some ladies say it's kind of like playing dress ups and most end up really enjoying the experience.  Some women like to have a friend or family member at the appointment for a second opinion - it's optional and up to you.  If you find a wig that is the right style and colour, then you can have it there and then, otherwise we will need to order it in which usually takes about a week, depending where you live. Your rep will let you know.

We then go through how to put the wig on yourself, washing and wig care.  We carry the relevant wig care products you'll need to get to maintain your wig.

If the wig is for chemotherapy, we recommend organising the wig appointment whilst you still have hair. We also carry a wonderful selection of headwear including bamboo sleep caps, softies, wraps, cotton elasticated scarves, sun hats and sun caps for when you are not wearing your wig.  These are specialty headwear designed for ladies with hair loss. Prices for headwear start at $25.