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Because the wigs we carry are purely for hair loss, they need to look real and natural and depending on what your needs are, as to what type of fibre and wig cap you require.   Most people aren't aware that its what's going on underneath the wig cap to accomodate a certain style, that helps create the natural look.

At the appointment, we will run through these various features with you to find the best type of wig fibre and cap for your needs and lifestyle.  

Remember we are not an online shop.  The photos are here for you to go through and work out what styles you like or what styles are similiar to what you are after and then we will bring to the appointment anything that fits that description plus  more, as we don't have all our wigs listed on this site. We carry just as many wigs as shops but we just bring the ones relevant to you and what you are after to the appointment.   Sometimes we have up to 20 odd styles depending on what you've briefed us.

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