The wigs we carry are purely for hair loss, so they look natural and real. Wigs vary a lot by what is going on underneath the wig cap.  When we come to the appointment we will bring all the different types of wig caps and will run through the various pros and cons of each type.  When you try them on you will get a better understanding of what will suit your needs.

When you're making the appointment we will ask you some questions regarding what you are after in a wig in relation to length, colour and style eg long, medium or short; straight, wavy or curly; and what colour.  Some women send us a photo of themselves when they had hair, if they are after a similar look.  Others will have a look on our website and give us some of the names and colours of the wigs they like. 

Below is just a small selection of some of the many wig styles we carry.  Please note we carry many more styles and each style comes in up to 30 different colours, including up to 10 shades of grey.

Below are some wig styles from our JON RENAU range: